About us

The Autistic Alliance is aimed to improve the visibility and efficiency of individuals and organizations related to autism who are contributing to Understanding, Cooperation and Justice between all Humans.

It can be autistics helping autistics, autistic helping non-autistics, non-autistics helping autistics, and non-autistics helping non-autistics, as long as autism is involved or used.

The Autistic Alliance is NOT an organization, an association, a foundation, nor even a group or a network,
but a technical resource facilitating access to, and collaboration with, the appropriate persons and organizations.

Individuals or organizations listed or endorse by the Autistic Alliance are -unless otherwise stated- totally independant.

The Autistic Alliance itself does not take any (social-related) decisions and does not undertake any (social-related) actions, but it strives to help the relevant entities (individuals or organizations) to fulfill their goals, when they are matching «Improving Understanding, Cooperation and Justice between all Humans.».

The Autistic Alliance has been created and is managed by autistic persons, on the grounds of the complementary input that autistics can provide to the community, who is not aware about that, and sometimes needing it.

Like for the obvious complementarity of genders, the «normal» society needs diversity and «not conform» people, otherwise, without any «out of the box» input, the risk of sterility seems high.