Autistics / Non-Autistics collaboration

Regarding the help and adaptation required by the autistic persons :

About 70 million autistic persons in the world are suffering or experiencing an non-equitable quality of life,
because their nature and behaviours are not understood, which leads to inappropriate treatments.

The problems can be reduced by improving relations and understanding with the non autistic persons and organizations (including governments).

The autistics should be helped to create self-advocacy organizations, in order to improve the situation in their countries, for instance through consultations and dialogs with the authorities, «good practices» recommendations, etc.

The autistics who have a good understanding of both autism and non-autism are rare but utterly useful to «build brigdes between both worlds», and this is the essence of the Autistic Alliance.

Regarding the help useful for the «non-autistic society» :

The Autistic Alliance has been created and is managed by autistic persons, on the grounds of the complementary input that autistics can provide to the community, who is not aware about that, and sometimes needing it.

Like for the obvious complementarity of genders, the «normal» society needs diversity and «not conform» people, otherwise, without any «out of the box» input, the risk of sterility seems high.